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Supercharge your Community with Vision Subname Service (VSS). Spread your brand’s vibe across multiple chains, and various L2's. Your way to ENS subdomain projects and the ultimate Launchpad for your ideas.

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Imagine your unique subdomain project, like, leading the way in Web3 innovation. Get inspired and see how your ideas can come to life and make a lasting impact.

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From creating personalized brand handles to launching streamlined e-commerce solutions, your brand can shine in the digital world. What will you create?

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Our VSS contract supports multiple chains, including Degenchain, Optimism, Base L2, Arbitrum, and Ethereum. This means your subdomain projects can thrive across various platforms. Ready to take your ideas multi-chain?
Subdomains, often referred to as subnames, in ENS are like 'child' names under a primary (parent) ENS name. For example, if you own 'example.eth', you can create subnames like 'wallet.example.eth' or 'site.example.eth'. These subnames can be independently controlled and configured, making them useful for organizing different services or identities under one main ENS name.
Wrapping a parent name is an essential step to make it 'submintable' (issue subnames). This process involves upgrading your ENS name to a new format (the new Namewrapper Contract) that supports the creation and management of subnames.
You have the flexibility to modify the price at any time. However, it's important to note that each adjustment is processed as a transaction and will incur a gas fee. Therefore, while you can change the price as frequently as you desire, each change will require paying the associated gas cost.
If you transfer your primary ENS name, all associated subnames will also be transferred to the new owner. It's crucial to understand that while the new owner will gain ownership of all issued subnames, you, as the controller, can still manage and adjust the settings of these subnames. Therefore, if you plan to transfer your primary name, ensure you have made appropriate arrangements regarding the control and management of the subnames with the new owner. (Set Controller)
Subnames do not have their own expiration dates; they exist as long as the parent ENS name is valid. However, if the parent ENS name expires and is not renewed, all associated subnames will also cease to function. It's important to keep your parent ENS name registration up to date to ensure the continued operation of all your subnames.

Launch your Vision

Have an amazing subname project idea? is your perfect platform to bring it to life! List your subname projects with us and join a community of innovators pushing forward new ways of what's possible with ENS subdomains. Get started now!Read more about ENS Subnames on our Subname FAQ.
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